About me

January 2017 - Received an acknowledgment of excellence for my second year study at Bezalel Academy
with Tamara Yuval Jones- Head of fashion Department 
Inspired and driven by the idea of creating new fashion by using new technology and old traditional crafts. These special, almost paradoxical, tools and states of mind break all rules and conformities and allow me to explore never-before-explored territories.
My love and passion for arts, crafts and design emerged at a very young age. Ever since I can remember myself, I’ve been sewing, sketching, drawing, embroidering, folding and experimenting with different materials.
I am a student for Fashion Design at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.  
Every garment I make, I consider it as a sculpture, as a work of art, pushing myself to the limits and using an endless variety of materials, some bought at the “Shuk” (street markets), some bought at department and hardware stores, some bought at high end leather and textile stores, and some were just found on the streets (old broken straw chairs, metal wires, wood, leather leftovers from a shoe-making workshop, everything the street has to offer).
During my studies, I have discovered a very strong connection to crafts, utilizing all sorts of techniques to bring my ideas to life: steel wire bending, 3D printing, embroidering, dying and more. 
Working with the traditional methods, and combining them with new technology is my vision and my inspiration for my future works.
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