Bird's Point Of View


Inspired by Bird’s point of view. "Typography of our Body". Bird's point of view offers a broad perspective and manifests the idea that one should always look at the big and complete picture, rather than the small and the narrow one. This philosophic idea can be utilized during dilemmas, or whenever one is dealing with the hardships of life. Sometimes, the best solution to such dilemmas and hardships can be achieved if you take a step back and zoom out in a way that enables you to find the path. The work includes 3 garments: A skirt, which consists of a skeleton, made out of steel wires which I bent by hand, then wrapped with over 2,000 meters of cotton strings, using figure 8 technique. A leather jacket hand sewn from 12 different parts with perforated edges. Each hole is one centimeter from the next hole. The number of holes sums up to a total of nearly 1,000 holes, all done by hand, one by one. The pieces were then attached by 3 different groups of colors that changed according to the position and altitude on the body, in a fashion that resembles a topographic map. The third garment is a shirt with cotton threads around the neck, which in turn, also represent the altitude lines in a topographic map.

Model: Rachel Gutgarts & Anya Ligay
Mentors: Doron Ashkenazi & Jacques Lemor
Studio: Nitai Shanaani
Outside: Uri Bareket 
 My Inspiration Board 

collection Illustrations with cotton strings-


Working process:
 Leather Jacket-


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